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Lori M. Nusz Photography
P.O. Box 139, The Plains, VA 20198

My Business Information

I have been in business for myself as a photographer since 1996, and I've been in the photography field since 1994. I began in wedding photography by assisting other photographers. This made it possible for me to learn hands on about the business. My business began in Pittsburgh, PA and now exists in Stafford, VA. However, I am not opposed to traveling to another state to photograph weddings. In fact, I welcome the idea. Since my business in Pittsburgh was productive, many of the weddings I photograph are still in Pittsburgh so I travel there frequently. I also have photographed weddings in many different cities in Ohio. I do work entirely by myself, so you are guaranteed to have me as the photographer for your wedding if you should book me. If you wish to see a complete wedding album that I have photographed, please contact me through email or call me at one of the numbers listed above.

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